UniProt ID Protein Name ORF
P04294 Alkaline exonuclease UL12 UL12
P10230 Tegument protein VP11/12 UL46
P10221 Capsid assembly protein UL37 UL37
P10219 Minor capsid protein VP26 UL35
P10200 Capsid-binding protein UL16 UL16
P10220 Deneddylase UL36 (large tegument protein) UL36
P10234 Deoxyuridine 5'-triphosphate nucleotidohydrolase UL50
P10192 DNA helicase/primase complex-associated protein UL8
P04293 DNA polymerase catalytic subunit UL30
P10226 DNA polymerase processivity factor UL42
P10236 DNA primase UL52
P08393 E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase ICP0 RL2
P10229 Envelope protein UL45 UL45
P06481 Envelope protein US9 US9
P10211 Glycoprotein B (gB) UL27
P10228 Glycoprotein C (gC) UL44
Q69091 Glycoprotein D (gD) US6
P04488 Glycoprotein E (gE) US8
P06484 Glycoprotein G (gG) US4
P06477 Glycoprotein H (gH) UL22
P06487 Glycoprotein I (gI) US7
P06480 Glycoprotein J (gJ) US5
P68331 Glycoprotein K (gK) UL53
P10185 Glycoprotein L (gL) UL1
P04288 Glycoprotein M (gM) UL10
O09800 Glycoprotein N (gN) UL49.5
P03170 ICP47 protein US12
P06491 Major capsid protein VP5 UL19
P04296 Major DNA-binding protein (ICP8) UL29
P10227 Membrane protein UL43 UL43
P36313 Neurovirulence factor ICP34.5 RL1
P10187 Nuclear phosphoprotein UL3 UL3
P10188 Nuclear protein UL4 UL4
P10216 Packaging protein UL32 UL32
P10190 Capsid portal protein UL6 UL6
P10189 Component of the helicase-primase complex UL5 UL5
P10210 Protease precursor cleaved to VP24 and VP22a UL26/UL26.5
P10204 Envelope protein UL20 UL20
P10208 Membrane-associated nuclear protein UL24 UL24
P10240 Membrane protein UL56 UL56
P10191 Protein UL7 UL7
P06485 Protein US2 US2
O09802 Protein US8.5 US8.5
P10193 Replication origin-binding protein UL9 UL9
P08543 Ribonucleotide-diphosphate reductase large subunit UL39 UL39
P10224 Ribonucleotide-diphosphate reductase small subunit UL40 UL40
P04487 RNA-binding protein US11 US11
P04290 Serine/threonine-protein kinase UL13 UL13
P04413 Serine/threonine-protein kinase US3 US3
P04289 Tegument protein UL11 UL11
P04291 Tegument protein UL14 UL14
P10205 Tegument protein UL21 UL21
P10231 Tegument protein UL47 (VP13/14) UL47
P10235 Tegument protein UL51 UL51
P10239 Tegument protein UL55 UL55
P06492 Tegument protein VP16 (&alphaTIP) UL48
P10233 Tegument protein VP22 UL49
P03176 Thymidine kinase UL23 UL23
P08392 Trans-acting transcriptional protein ICP4 RS1
P04485 Transcriptional regulator ICP22 US1
P10238 Transcriptional regulator ICP27 UL54
P04295 DNA-terminase subunit UL15 UL15
P10212 DNA-terminase subunit UL28 UL28
P10217 DNA-terminase subunit UL33 UL33
P32888 Triplex capsid protein VP19C UL38
P10202 Triplex capsid protein VP23 UL18
P10186 Uracil-DNA glycosylase UL2
P10215 Nuclear egress protein UL31 UL31
P10218 Nuclear egress protein UL34 UL34
P10225 Virion Host Shutoff protein (VHS) UL41 UL41
P06486 Virion protein US10 US10
P10201 Minor capsid protein UL17 (component of CVSC) UL17
P10209 Minor capsid protein UL25 (component of CVSC) UL25

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